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  Sun Thew Chun Hup Kee Sauce Manufacturers Sdn Bhd strives towards assurance of food safety of our products through implementation of Food Safety System such as HACCP system. The Management is committed towards providing safe food products to our consumers. With HACCP system in place, we would be able to control and monitor our risks in production by identifying the possible food hazards both in our raw material and process step, thus providing us with a preventive maintenance system in line with our commitment to produce safe food for our customers.


  We identify all potential hazards in our raw materials and in each of the processing steps. We then determined the preventive and control measures for each of the identified hazards, including practicing GMP.


  Besides that, we are insist to retain and modify the traditional good taste with the natural ingredients while minimize the usage of synthetically ingredients. We believe that our products will be the first choice of cookers who aim to deliver the combination of delicious and healthy food.





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