Sun Thew Chun Hup Kee Sauce Manafacturers Sdn Bhd has been established since 1930 as traditional sauce manufacturing which has vast experience in sauce manufacturing. Sun Thew Chun Hup Kee Sauce Manafacturers Sdn Bhd starting first mass production located Falim light industry area with 43560 sq. feet. After half a decade, due to huge increase in sales volume and current factory capacity no longer afford to produce sufficient quantity product to fulfill customer demand, Sun Thew Chun Hup Kee Sauce Manafacturers Sdn Bhd had decided to shift the factory to Kawasan Perindustrian Chandan Raya, Menglembu, 31650, Ipoh, Perak in year 2008.

Sun Thew Chun Hup Kee Sauce Manafacturers Sdn Bhd decided to develop and transform into a big company, emerge with international standard and well known all over the worlds. The Co. is currently operated in an advanced and hygienic factory with a land size of 196,000 sq. feet equip fully with high technology modern machinery to ensure food hygiene and safety throughout the production. The Co. and its product range is now certified with HACCP Certification.

Sun Thew Chun Hup Kee Sauce Manafacturers Sdn Bhd had expanded in operation from initial 10 workers to nowadays 50 workers, including management staff & operation workers.

“ORCHID® BRAND” is the premium brand for Sun Thew Chun. It is a well-known brand name for soybean paste (tauchu) and soy sauce in Malaysia. With the natural good taste over the 80 years, ORCHID BRAND created a great word of mouth among the local consumers. It is merely known by everyone in Ipoh.

 If you are looking for delicious and healthy food, ORCHID® BRAND produced by

 Sun Thew Chun must be your First Choice!!




当时的酱园名为调珍,共有好几位股东,至二战前后,各位股东陆续退股。调珍 于日战后1948年,在马来亚联邦政府管治之下注册为新调珍合记酱园有限公司,共有两位股东。其中一位股东拆伙后,仅剩的一位股东即梁永吉先生唯有在一些老员工的支持下继续独自苦苦经营。










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